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Stephen Trotta is a self-directed and driven finance and real estate executive with comprehensive accomplishments leading business strategy, operations, P&L/ROI analysis and cross-functional teams to ensure success and achieve goals. 


Steve is known as an innovative thinker and a results oriented professional with strong institutional, consumer investing, and asset valuation acumen. He has demonstrated success developing and seamlessly executing plans in complex, regulated organizations.  Additionally, he is recognized for maximizing performance by implementing appropriate strategies through analysis of details to gain understanding of the operational environment, competitive position, emerging regulations and trends. 


Most recently Steve started and operates a private equity real estate business managing investments for a small group of 30 private investors who enjoy superior returns from Steve’s offerings in the real estate sector.   


Steve has an undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Tampa with additional studies focused on Economics and Psychology.  He also holds an MBA from Northeastern University with a concentration in Finance. Steve spent 11 years working on the Institutional side of the financial services business with Fidelity Investments where he most recently, up until May of 2017, managed small finance teams focused on pricing institutional business, client analytics and profitability improvement plans, return on capital analysis, and efficiency improvements.


Steve was a board member from 2011-2017 for a Non-Profit in Boston called Boston Cares, one of the largest volunteer mobilizers in Massachusetts.  Steve chaired the finance committee as well as Secretarial duties at Boston Cares. Additionally, Steve founded an annual fundraiser for Boston Cares that generated $30,000 per year for the organization.  Steve lives in Newton, Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters.



Managing Director & CFO



Richard Gibble has been a professional investor for more than 20 years with investment experience working at mutual funds, hedge funds, hedge-fund-of-funds, and private partnerships.  He spent the bulk of his career as a fiduciary researching and allocating capital to public and private investment opportunities. To date, he has designated over $2B to cross-asset class securities in opportunistic and event-driven strategies following a strict value seeking framework.     


He spent six years as a finance professor at a top-20 US business university.  Concurrently, he served as the executive director of a world-class, academic capital markets research center, where he directed strategic initiatives and implementation and execution of all financial, academic, and operational functions.  


In 2016, Rich founded a direct lending firm exclusively focused on highly regulated, private agricultural businesses.  In 2018, he moved to Switzerland to manage the turnaround of a distressed agricultural manufacturing and processing company.  


Rich earned his MBA and Master of Science in Finance degrees from Bentley University, a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Saint Anselm College, and holds the Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.


An avid outdoorsman, he is a passionate alpine skier who enjoys hiking and backcountry camping. 



Chief Technology Officer & Chief Operating Officer



David Altobelli has made a career in financial services working for firms including Merrill Lynch, The Shareholder Services Group (now BNY Mellon), and most recently, Fidelity Investments. His early responsibilities included managing various operations and service functions on behalf of institutional clients. Building on those experiences, he moved into a leadership position in Information Technology. In this role, Dave led several teams over 20+ years in their efforts to deliver large scale, highly complex IT development initiatives. One particularly notable accomplishment was the successful delivery of a multi-year, $150M+ digital transformation initiative enabling several new brokerage servicing capabilities.


Dave has a passion for helping clients and colleagues achieve successful business outcomes through innovative technology solutions, or otherwise. He has expertise in strategic planning, organizational management, project execution, and program management.


He earned a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Seton Hall University. As a champion of financial literacy, Dave founded a community-based program in early 2019 dedicated to helping its members achieve personal financial success. He hosts monthly Wealth Builder Wednesday meetings where he provides financial education and serves as President of the group’s investment club.


Originally from New Jersey, Dave currently lives in Franklin, Massachusetts with his wife Eileen and daughter Lauren. When he is not working, Dave enjoys traveling, golfing, skiing, and taking his Harley for a ride.



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