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Mission Statement


PlasTech Machining and Fabrication is committed to providing world class plastics machining and fabrication services to existing and emerging industries. We apply the latest techniques and equipment, so our customers can meet their needs in an increasingly competitive marketplace. PlasTech provides products that conform to the high quality standards demanded by our customers, through a system of continuous improvement and total commitment to quality.

Company Profile


We may work with plastics, but there is nothing “plastic” about our A-team of people. PlasTech Precision Plastic Machining and Fabrication is a lively group of knowledgeable engineers, programmers and machinists who are the best in the business. Our goal is to exceed the demands of “on-time” shipments with a zero return rate.  Our management team has over 50 years in the plastic machining and fabrication industry.


Address: 25 Dunklee Road, Bow, New Hampshire 03304

Phone: 603-228-7601


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