DelCam Holdings is creating a socially-responsible tax advantaged investment with a focus on revitalizing small businesses in Opportunity Zones and structuring those businesses for long-term success. 

July 23, 2019, NEWTON, Massachusetts--DelCam Holdings, LLC, a management company focused on private Opportunity Zone investments, announced the launch of a new investment vehicle, DelCam Opportunity Zone Fund I.  The 2019 Fund is positioned to raise $10M from investors to acquire and revitalize small manufacturing companies in Opportunity Zones in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, with plans to secure its first acquisition in January of 2020. 

The object of DelCam’s Opportunity Zone Fund I is to generate superior IRR’s and offer attractive preferred returns for investors. Returns will be completely tax mitigated to investors via Opportunity Zone tax laws if the investments are held 10 years. DelCam’s fund will be a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund as designated by the IRS and an SEC Regulation D: Rule 506(c) private placement compliant fund.

DelCam Holdings executives include founder, Stephen Trotta, a 15+ year finance executive currently running his own real estate focused private equity firm, and formerly a Senior Director in his 11 year tenure at Fidelity Investments on the institutional side of the business. DelCam is also represented by Richard Gibble, CFA, as Managing Director and CFO,  who brings 20 years of investment experience, with previous roles at fund companies, as well as executive director of a renowned academic capital markets research center and a professor at Bentley University. 

“After much analysis and spending time with small manufacturing companies, we’ve concluded that many are ripe for growth, often losing business because they do not have funds, systems or tools in place to meet demand,” said Stephen Trotta, founder of DelCam’s Opportunity Zone Fund. “We’ve identified 1,600 small manufacturing companies in Opportunity Zones that we’ll narrow down from a strategic management perspective and acquire 4-6 businesses that have opportunity for advancement.”

DelCam’s focus will be on the growth of these small manufacturing companies and executing on value creation plans that drive significant job development in communities that need it most. In comparison to many simple, common real estate transactions in Opportunity Zones, DelCam is planning business investments that will be the sustainable driver for beneficial community growth in Opportunity Zones for the future. 

“Our forecasts suggest we will create a minimum of 100 solid, middle-class wage jobs over a 10-year period and at the same time we’ll offer opportunities for upward mobility, management training and other benefits many of our employees might never have been exposed to.  We think this is precisely what the Opportunity Zone program was designed for, and we intend to deliver on that,” Rich Gibble, DelCam’s Managing Director & CFO said.

DelCam’s fund is one of the few Opportunity Zone funds focused on operating businesses. “We are on the leading edge of a tremendous opportunity in this country for investors and the communities in Opportunity Zones,” Trotta said. 


DelCam Holdings, LLC, a management company centered on private Opportunity Zone investments is headquartered in Newton, MA.  The company systematically identifies value creation opportunities for its partners with a forward thinking approach to investing with a focus on social responsibility and community improvement. Lead by accomplished finance and investment executives, DelCam utilizes modern technology and rigorous research in combination with the experience of its leadership. The company’s first fund, Opportunity Zone Fund I, is set to launch in late 2019. Visit or contact  DelCam Holdings at 617.281.7038 or

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