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Mission Statement

Every customer, no matter how large or small is important to us, and we take pride in our customers products through our commitment to Customer Service, Engineering, Production, and Quality Assurance.  Whether you have existing business or a new product development, REC is up to the challenge.

Company Profile

Incorporated in 1943 , REC Manufacturing is one of the oldest custom injection molders in the United States. REC has been a pioneer in the molding industry, and for the past 70+ years has kept abreast of advancements in plastic molding technologies including tool design, material selection and processing. REC is ISO 9000 2015 certified, ITAR registered, and manufactures parts approved by the FDA.

REC has historically been a supplier of sophisticated, precision molded parts, continuing to service the industrial, commercial and military sectors, with an emphasis in recent years on the rapidly growing markets of life sciences, medical and health care.

Address: 50 Mellen Street, Hopedale, Massachusetts 01747

Phone: 508-634-7999


REC Manufacturing offers vertical, horizontal and parting line injection molding.  REC also specializes in: