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Mission Statement

Space Age Electronics, Inc. is a manufacturer focused on product solutions for the life safety industry.  By respecting and understanding codes and standards, we ensure our products offer optimal performance through meticulous design, assembly, and inspection.  Our No Excuses pledge to save our customers time and money is the driving force behind our continual mission towards quality and innovation.


To reach our goal of ultimate customer satisfaction, we strive to achieve mutual respect with our customers, suppliers, and employees.  We pride ourselves on a strong connection with the industry through a base of engaged employees dedicated to impactful involvement with relevant organizations and affairs.  Active and responsive management, exceptional customer relationships, effectively engineered product solutions, lean manufacturing processes, and ongoing quality improvement are the fundamental directives that guide our direction and focus to provide superior life safety products with No Excuses.


Company Profile


We built our small business with the same qualities that led mankind to the moon: ethics, loyalty, and hard work. Passed down from generation to generation, we have never lost these deep-rooted founding values. Decades of practice has bred knowledge; a powerful tool that has built a team fueled by passion and enthusiasm to overcome every obstacle in our path. The true measure of our team is unity. Through hard work, perseverance, and lifelong bonds, our common goals are always within reach. These goals bring wisdom, and this wisdom guides our instincts. It guides our focus. It guides not only the thrill of a challenge, but the pride of every success.


The values and the lessons learned along our way towards the American Dream are timeless, and their memories are gifts that will live on through every new adventure. Enriched through every trial and tribulation, we cherish these gifts like the dawn of a brighter day. They drive success through creative solutions and innovation. They inspire the courage and drive to make dreams into reality. With passion in our hands, distance will have no limit and evolution no end.

This is our story, and we hope it inspires you to discover your own.


Address: 58 Chocksett Road, Sterling, Massachusetts 01564

Phone: 800.486.1723


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