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Mission Statement


Our mission is to eliminate the headaches, mess, and bucket burn hazards associated with changing HOT waste oil from deep fat fryers. Our goal is to make the job of changing hot waste fryer grease  safe, simple, swift and cost effective. We want to take the hassle out of changing fryer oil. 

Company Profile


The Shortening Shuttle® Waste Oil Carrier/SDU was invented by Gary Heissen from Auburn Massachusetts. At the time,  he was operating a restaurant cleaning business and experienced first hand,  the dangers and complexity of waste oil transport.  He set out to design a product which would deal with the  issues of safety, efficiency and ease of use of grease caddies or SDU as they have become known.  Sometime in the late 1980s The Shortening Shuttle® Waste Oil Carrier  was conceived.

In 1989, The Shortening Shuttle® Waste Oil Carrier was purchased and patented by David T. Hawley, who was responsible for much of the design refinement and production details.  Since then, the restaurant industry has recognized the need for a Shortening Disposal Unit: a high quality, safe, efficient method to remove waste oil from the kitchen.  From modest beginnings, the demand has steadily grown. Today we UPS ship The Shortening Shuttle® Waste Oil Carriers world wide. 


In the present day, The Shortening Shuttle® stands as a symbol of excellence, proudly made in the USA at our sister company, NEFM (New England Fabricated Metals) in Leominster, Massachusetts. Our commitment to quality, durability, and safety remains unwavering, as we continue to craft these innovative oil management solutions with precision and care. By manufacturing The Shortening Shuttle® on American soil, we not only uphold the highest industry standards but also contribute to the growth of domestic manufacturing and job creation. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to providing food service establishments across the nation with products that streamline operations, enhance safety, and promote sustainability, all while proudly bearing the label "Made in the USA." 

Address: 101 Crawford Street, Leominster, Massachusetts 01453

Phone: 800-533-5711


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