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Mission Statement


To build quality products in the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally-sentive manner to support the American industry and workers while balancing business and family demands. 

Company Profile


Integrity and honesty are the core of our ethos. With our extensive experience, in-depth skills, and service offerings, our team can assist you in finding a solution for any challenge that you encounter. Customers can expect HP’s complete dedication to service with a full line of capabilities to serve a diverse range of customers and industries.

Beginning with Donald Howard in 1948 through the transition to the DelCam family of manufacturing businesses we share the vision of excellence which continues to be the cornerstone of our business. The Howard Product’s team of committed employees bring a dedicated work ethic to our customers day in and day out.  With a varied client base our 75+ year history has proven we have the ability to compete with anyone.

Howard Products and its employees have been fully integrated into New England Fabricated Metals.  

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