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DelCam Capital – Excellence in Manufacturing Growth and Optimization

DelCam Capital specializes in acquiring and enhancing well-established manufacturing companies poised for growth within their existing facilities. Our strategic approach involves assembling a diversified group of complementary businesses, aiming to significantly surpass market growth rates and enhance profitability.


Strategic Post-Acquisition Process

Post-acquisition, our management team, alongside key consultants, conducts a thorough review of each business. The insights gained form the basis of a robust value creation plan aimed at accelerating growth in the short, medium, and long term, thereby maximizing company value.

Investment Focus Areas Include

Workforce Development: Strategically sourcing labor, implementing a portfolio-wide apprenticeship program, enticing top talent with competitive incentives, and fostering leadership to fuel growth. Cross-training initiatives will enhance productivity and resource resilience.

Employee Investment Program: DelCam Capital is deeply committed to investing in our employees. All team members participate in a distinctive long-term incentive program that includes sharing in the general partner carried interests of our funds, allowing them to directly benefit from the successful exits of our investments.


Sales Enhancement: Expanding sales teams as needed to drive revenue growth. We focus on harnessing untapped potential by initiating dedicated sales forces within our companies and leveraging cross-selling opportunities across the portfolio, with careful management to prevent market cannibalization.


Technology Integration: Investing in cutting-edge ERP, CRM, accounting, design, and costing software. A unified technological framework across all companies ensures efficiency and coherence.


Equipment and Automation: Modernizing machinery to scale production and increase profitability, coupled with comprehensive training for employees on new equipment.


Operational Efficiency: Optimizing manufacturing operations to fully leverage existing capacities through best practices and innovative methodologies.


Artificial Intelligence: Applying AI to enhance process efficiency, from production workflows to supply chain management, ensuring our operations are as lean and effective as possible.


New Product Innovation: Driving the development of new products through dedicated R&D efforts, focusing on market needs and future growth opportunities.


Forward Vertical Integration: Strategically expanding into adjacent industries and markets to control more of the supply chain, enhancing margins and reducing dependencies.


Advanced Technologies: Implementing state-of-the-art technologies like 3D printing to revolutionize production processes, reduce costs, and speed up time to market.


Through these strategic investments, DelCam Capital is committed to realizing the potential of each portfolio company and driving substantial value creation, with a strong focus on employee participation and reward.

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